All the Reasons Senior Pets Are the Best

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November is National Senior Pet Month. What a great time to celebrate and give thanks for the double-digit-aged fur babies in our lives. It’s also important to acknowledge the senior cats and dogs living in rescues and shelters across the USA looking for a forever home.

How do elderly pets end up in this situation? It’s always a sad story. Financial hardship, families that are unable to provide care for the special needs of seniors, their human passed away or was moved into a facility that prohibits pets – the list goes on.

Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of the many advantages of adopting a senior or geriatric pet. Let’s change that!

Why Senior Pets Are Awesome

Their Personalities Are Developed

Senior cats and dogs are generally an open book. It has been established that they get along with other pets and children, if they are shy or outgoing, affectionate or reserved, etc. Kittens and puppies are adorable and silly, for sure. But keep in mind that as they mature, their personalities change (just like human children).

Not Looking To Destroy Your Home

Puppies and kittens are naturally full of excess energy. That energy can translate into knocked over lamps, destroyed shoes and shredded toilet paper, curtains, furniture and more. A senior pet is usually more relaxed. Sure, some have health issues that may lead to accidents, but for the most part, senior pets do not have the same drive to tackle things as their younger counterparts.

They Have Manners

Most pets mellow as they age. Seniors are more adept at reading social cues, will wait patiently as you prepare their meals and enjoy play and cuddle time when you are both ready.

Make Excellent Companions For Senior Citizens

Senior pets and senior citizens understand each other. In many cases, they are experiencing the same health issues and life challenges. Having a calm, loving senior pet in the house can help senior citizens feel less lonely, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Many shelters offer a ‘seniors for seniors’ program. Contact your local organization to find out more.

Senior Pets Understand And Appreciate Being Rescued

They’ve been through a lot. They know the difference between a home and a cage. They know what love feels like. When they are rescued, they know that, too. They may communicate their joy with a burst of love evident by a look in their eyes, a smile on their face, in their body language, or the way they instinctively cuddle up to their new human.

Adjusting to a new home can be stressful for any pet. Treatibles products can be a godsend for pets transitioning from a rescue or shelter to their forever home. The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil in all of our products helps instill calm and relaxation. Many senior pets are also dealing with achy joints and other discomfort throughout the body. Treatibles hemp CBD oil for pets addresses this by promoting healthy joints, flexibility and mobility. Hemp oil is also recognized for supporting the digestive tract, the body’s normal inflammatory response and a strong immune system, all important for pets of any age.

For senior pets, the softer consistency and addition of digestive enzymes in our Soft Chewables are ideal.  For dogs that can use some extra calming, our Tater Tot’s Sweet Potato Soft Chewables also feature valerian root, passion flower and chamomile (with an added bonus of Treatibles donating $1 from each canister to help cover medical expenses at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans). For cats, our Soft Chewables for cats featuring catnip is purrfect.

Some pets prefer their oil straight or mixed into a meal. Our 250 mg and high potency 750 mg dropper bottles work for both dogs and cats. The higher the potency, the smaller the dosage. That can make it easier to mix into food or administer directly into the mouth.

We also recommend having a container of Treatibles Topical Cream on hand. Many senior pets appreciate a good massage. In addition to the bonding experience, using our fast-absorbing formula has many benefits including soothing the skin, relieving joint issues and providing an overall feeling of calm.


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