Treatibles Can Help You Get Ahead Of Your Pet’s July 4th Anxiety

cute dog afraid of fireworks and hiding under a blanket

Independence Day 2021 is slated to be quite the event. Now that the pandemic-induced quarantine is over and most states have, or are in the process of lifting restrictions, people are looking for a chance to celebrate. Our cats, dogs and horses looking forward to celebrations? Not so much. Consider this: according to a recent study of 13,715 pet dogs (264 different breeds), more than 70% showed signs of anxiety. Noise sensitivity was the most common with 32% of dogs being highly fearful of at least one noise. Fast forward to July 4th. The booms and explosions of fireworks and neighborhood festivities can cause even normally calm pets to feel anxious, stressed and traumatized. As a matter of fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for many animal shelters due to pets getting spooked by fireworks and escaping from homes or yards on July 4th.

Signs of anxiety include:
  • Panting
  • Whining
  • Trembling
  • Hiding
  • Excessive barking
  • Repeated destructive behavior
  • Showing aggression

Treatibles is here to help!

The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil in all of our products is recognized for enhancing serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for calming during stressful/fearful events. This helps pets feel more relaxed.

How to get ahead of your pet’s July 4th anxiety

Stress-inducing events often require a higher dose and more frequent administration of hemp-derived CBD. We suggest offering the first dose of Treatibles Hard Chews, Soft Chewables, Capsules, or Oil Droppers early in the day. Repeat every four hours.

Approximately an hour before the fireworks begin, consider a double dose (or more – up to 10x a  normal dose) of your pet’s favorite Treatibles product. This is also a great time to offer a Treatibles CBD Super Chew. Take any of our Hard Chews and add drops of our CBD oil (250 mg or 750 mg) directly to the Chew. For an extra layer of calm, we suggest lightly rubbing Treatibles fast-absorbing Topical Cream into the ear flaps.

Do Treatibles help? Long time Treatibles customer, Judith G. said it best:

“We used these [Hard Chews] during the week of July 4th when our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. They helped a lot – there were noises coming right in our window and both dogs remained on the bed seemingly unbothered. I’ll definitely use these again and recommend trying them if your dog has anxiety with thunder/fireworks/loud noises.”

Bonus: Create a safe space for your pet to help them feel secure and protected
  • Choose a quiet room in the house with secure windows and a door that can be closed
  • Include a favorite bed, toys, fresh water and food
  • For cats, provide a place to hide – a kitty tunnel or a box (and of course, a litter box)
  • If your pet views a crate or carrier as a safe space, add it to the room
  • Turn on a television or play calming music – something that can act as white noise, should things outside get a bit rowdy

Click here for tips on proper dosage.

All of us here at Treatibles wish you a very happy, stress-free Independence Day!

Happy pets make happy humans.
That’s why we always strive to provide

Harmony for the whole family
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