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Harmony for the whole family ®

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Harmony for the whole family ®

Today (January 24th) is Change A Pet’s Life Day

Changing a pet’s life for the better is the very essence of the Treatibles mission. When a pet feels emotionally balanced and free from discomfort, they are ready to live their best life.

There are many ways to change a pet’s life, most requiring only an investment of love, time and understanding. Small, consistent efforts can have the greatest effect.

Pet A Dog

Dogs Prefer Petting Over Praise

A 2014 study “Shut up and pet me!” conducted by researchers at the University of Florida and the University of Arizona showed that when the reward is either verbal praise or petting, dogs prefer being petted. According to the study: overall, petting seems to be an important interaction between dogs and humans that might maintain inter-specific social behavior

Just as most dog lovers already know, “Shut up and pet me” showed that touch is as important to dogs as it is for people. This proved to be true for both shelter and family dogs. It didn’t matter if the petting was by their own human or a stranger.

Simply changing your response from “good doggy” to a petting session can change a dog’s life.

Play With A Cat

Schedule daily play

Playing with a cat serves many purposes, including providing exercise, engaging their hunting instinct, burning energy, encouraging positive behavior and creating a stronger bond between cats and their people.

Cat behavior expert and Treatibles pet advisor, Daniel Quagliozzi suggests scheduling playtime around the same time each day. “Cats thrive on consistency. If playtime happens at the same time each day, it becomes part of their routine, just like mealtime. They really look forward to it.” He also recommends being present while playing. “Don’t just wave a toy mouse around, become the mouse – engage the cat with your movement.”

It is also important to continue playing until the cat is ready to stop (generally 10 – 15 minute play sessions). Stopping mid-session can cause frustration.

Committing to playtime every day can change a cat’s life.

Answer Daily Trivia Questions To Donate Food and Litter

Help shelter pets

Freekibble is a wonderful organization that works with corporations to donate kibble and supplies to animal shelters to help feed and care for hungry dogs and cats. They also provide cat litter. The amount of food and litter donated depends on engagement from members. Each day, Free Kibble emails two multiple choice trivia questions, meow trivia and bow wow trivia for food donations, and a click to donate option for litter. It’s free to join and play!

Whether you answer the trivia questions correctly or not, pets win. By clicking an answer, a certain amount of food is donated.

To date, Freekibble has provided more than 29,336,509 meals to hungry cats and dogs. They’ve also donated more than 9,735,694 scoops of litter to shelters.

Simply answering two questions per day and clicking on the cat litter page can change shelter pets’ lives.

The organization also offers the Kibble Plus program. For $5 a month (that’s 17 cents a day), members can donate even more food as well as funds for vaccinations. To date, Kibble Plus members have donated the value of an additional 416 million pieces of kibble and have vaccinated more than 250,000 shelter pets.

Click to Give – It’s Free

Feed and care for shelter pets

Another free way to help shelter pets. The Animal Rescue Site’s Click to Give program works in partnership with sponsors. When you click, the sponsors fund food and supplies for cats and dogs living in shelters. To date, more than $60 million has been donated. According to the Animal Rescue Site, clicks have funded the value of 825,853,797 bowls of food. Sign up for daily reminders to click to change a shelter pet’s life.

Provide Treatibles

For calm, balance and ease

When a pet’s physical, mental and emotional health is in balance, their life truly changes. Being able to trot up and down the stairs without discomfort, not being alarmed by a thunderstorm, ride in the car, being able to go for a walk without feeling threatened by an animal or person, not feeling itchy from a scratch or bug bite are all ways a pet’s life can be enhanced by the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil in the Treatibles line of products. Relief can be more cost-effective than you may think. For as little as 32 cents per dose (hard chews for dogs, soft chewables for cats), you can change a 10-pound pet’s life; 71 cents per dose (hard chews) to change the life of a 40-pound dog.

Happy pets make happy humans. That’s why we always strive to provide

Harmony for the Whole Family®