The Benefits of Walking your dog

image of a pug dog walking

Walking your dog is just part of your daily routine. You may do this on autopilot. Sometimes it may feel like a chore. Particularly during colder months! Did you know there are benefits to walking your dog? Yes, it is not just about potty breaks or entertaining your energetic pup. Walking your dog may help relieve stress and anxiety for you while at the same time keeping them happy. Of course, concerning your pet, it can help reduce or eliminate behaviors you find unfavorable such as inappropriate chewing or overactive energy. Most dog owners use walking to enhance training and quell behaviors that may arise for higher-energy breeds or dogs that have separation anxiety.   

You will notice that walking your dog can be a bonding moment. It is important for you to recognize this. We understand our lives are busy but spending time each day walking your dog creates a special time to bond and build a strong loving relationship. So be present. Get off your phone, have some fun in nature and see the world through your dog’s eyes! There are also health benefits for you and your dog. While you get in your ten thousand steps a day your dog will get much-needed exercise. Did you know that over half of American dogs are considered overweight? That extra ten pounds you struggle with is oftentimes due to too much sitting or lack of activity. This also applies to your dog, therefore a regular walk can dramatically help prevent an unhealthy body weight. Also, dogs that go on regular walks tend to live longer.   

A healthier lifestyle for you and your dog means fewer visits to the doctor for you and the veterinarian for your dog. You will also save money since those vet bills can be quite costly. Aim for at least one long walk once a day. You may not know this: inactive dogs tend to develop joint issues over time and regular walks help keep the joints moving! Every walk can also be an opportunity to train your dog in outdoor etiquette, such as having them sit before crossing the road.   

Did you know that walking after a meal is good for you? Yes, it is good for your digestive system. This also applies to your dog. Having a dog truly does have amazing benefits for your overall well-being, so lace up your running shoes and get walking!   

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