Happy National Holistic Pet Day

close up image of two hands cradling the face of a gray tabby cat with blue eyes, a pink nose and white mouth and chin

By definition, holistic is the whole of something or someone rather than just a sum of its parts. It means that all parts work together and when one is off, it can affect them all. A holistic approach to pet care means taking into consideration diet, enrichment, lifestyle and environment. A pet’s whole being is a sum of these parts working in unison. On this 17th annual National Holistic Pet Day (August 30, 2021), we are sharing how Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD addresses a pet’s whole being.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a truly holistic compound. It works with the whole body – the neurological, physiological and immunological systems – to achieve perfect balance. This is known as homeostasis. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is most beneficial as it contains supporting cannabinoids and other natural chemicals of the hemp plant creating what is known as the Entourage Effect.

Pet parents often add Treatibles products to their pet’s daily regimen to address a specific issue. For example, a dog or cat with mobility challenges. As the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD works its way through the pet’s body, not only does it help ease discomfort while promoting healthy joints and connective tissue, the hemp-derived CBD instills calm and emotional balance, supports the immune system and even the body’s normal inflammatory response. The whole body experiences the benefits.

Treatibles is now offering more Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD choices than ever before. The newest extra strength members of our ever growing feel-good family include:

  • Peanut Butter flavor CBD Oil Dropper Bottles in two potencies (500 mg and 1000 mg)
  • Hard Chews for dogs – sweet potato flavor (10 mg CBD per Chew)
  • Soft Chewables for cats – with salmon oil  (3 mg CBD per Chewable)
  • Soft Chewables for dogs – with salmon oil (7 mg CBD per Chewable)
  • Hard Chews and Soft Chewables are available in full size and Intro Pack bags

We’ve also reimagined our regular strength Soft Chewables for both dogs and cats. The recipes are even more delicious and the new heart-shaped design makes the Chewables simple to serve whole or easily divided. Plus, they are resistant to crumbling.

Tips to help your pet live their best holistic life
  • Consider adding an integrative veterinarian to your pet’s healthcare team. These vets are trained in both conventional and holistic care, spending hours of continuing education to master the practice of treating the whole body. They can determine the best course of action to address a pet’s needs and often use both conventional and holistic approaches. Integrative vets not only treat a pet’s symptoms but also work to discover the source of the imbalance and heal the whole body.
  • Provide the best real food diet that works within your budget. It can be homemade, frozen, dehydrated, or freeze-dried. Independent pet food and supply retailers can be an excellent resource in helping you find what’s right for your pet.
  • Keep your pet active – daily walks, games of fetch and tug of war for dogs. Wand toys, balls and small toys that can be batted around for cats. Change up the routine!
  • Introduce puzzle toys to encourage thought and strategy, alternate walk routes to keep pets stimulated, incorporate daily interactive play for bonding experiences, rotate toys to keep them excited, replace old, worn and torn toys with new ones.
  • For a healthy home environment, use plant-derived, non-toxic products, have everyone remove their shoes before entering, provide eco-friendly toys, bedding, bowls and cat litter.
  • Offer a safe space for your fur baby to call their own such as a special bed, crate, cat condo, etc.

These tips + your unconditional love = a happy, healthy, holistic pet.

Happy pets make happy humans.
That’s why we always strive to provide

Harmony for the whole family
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