Dogust May Be Over But the Dog Celebration Continues – Happy National Dog Week!

an adorable Beagle mix dog walks proudly with a huge rope toy in his mouth

National Dog Week, taking place September 19 – 25, 2021, was established way back in 1928 by Captain William Lewis Judy, a World War I veteran and advocate for dogs. In those days, many dogs lived chained up in backyards and rarely, if ever, saw the inside of the family home. Captain Judy was not okay with this and set out to educate pet parents and communities about how to care for and treat man’s best friend.

Dog parents have come a long way since then. From having premium homemade foods delivered to the door, orthopedic bedding and comfortable harnesses, to acupuncture treatments, filtered water fountains and the inclusion of fur babies on luxury vacations, we think Captain Judy would be pleased.

Everyone here at Treatibles is dedicated to helping pets live happy, healthy lives. So, we’ve put together day by day suggestions for celebrating National Dog Week with your sweet pup.

Sunday – Go for a long walk

With the smell of autumn thick in the air, what better time to take a long, leisurely stroll with your dog. Explore a new path, park, or neighborhood.

Pairs well with: Extra Strength Hard Chews 

For dogs with achy joints, reactive behavior, or difficulty focusing, these 10 mg CBD Hard Chews (sweet potato flavor) can make every step more enjoyable.

Monday – Give a new toy

When was the last time your collection of dog toys had an update? Throw out that old tennis ball (you know, the one with bite marks that is no longer yellow) and replace it will a fresh new one.

 Pairs well with: A CBD Oil Dropper Bottle

After chasing the new ball for hours, a few drops from our 90, 250 or 750 mg bottles will help keep your dog mobile and free from discomfort.

Tuesday – Go for a ride in the car

Just asking the question ‘who wants to go for a ride in the car?’ makes most dogs happy. The actual ride? Pure heaven. Of course, some dogs don’t feel this way. They may associate the car with a trip to the vet or groomer. This is a great opportunity to go for a ride to nowhere. It will show your dog that the car can be a fun place!

Pairs well with: Extra Strength Soft Chewables

Helps instill calm and relaxation, while keeping motion sickness at bay

Wednesday – Prepare a homemade meal (here’s a recipe)

It doesn’t have to be fancy. We’ll bet your pup will find it to be delicious!!

Pairs well with: CBD-Free Probiotic Soft Chewables

Our new Happy Tummy Formula Probiotic is rich in omega-3 hemp seed oil and features a proprietary blend of nine different species of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that help to balance the gut microbiome, maintain the natural balance of beneficial microflora and supports healthy intestinal function.

Thursday  – Create an obstacle course

This can be done inside with household items or outside with a more elaborate setup. Either way, it’s a great challenge for your dog both mentally and physically.

Pairs well with: high potency Peanut Butter CBD oil (500 mg or 1000 mg)

Ever feel sore after starting a new exercise routine? Our dogs can, too. Offering a dose of this delicious extra strength oil will help maintain the joints, address any discomfort and support the body’s normal inflammatory response.

Friday – Spa Day!

Offer your fur baby a full body massage. This can help improve muscle tone, increase mobility, and can even help reduce sports related injuries. Learn how here.

Pairs well with: Topical Cream

Apply liberally to joints, paw pads, ear flaps and anywhere else you’d like. The non-greasy formula is fast-absorbing, soothing, and the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil adds an additional layer of calm.

Saturday – Playdate in the park

Most dogs appreciate a healthy social life. Why not set up a date with your pup’s favorite friend and let them have fun prancing, chasing, sniffing and wrestling!

Pairs well with: CBD-Free Mobility Pill Wrap Chewables

With exceptional joint support ingredients including glucosamine, green lipped mussel and boswellia, administering before and/or after a high energy day in the park will help your dog feel their best. This versatile Chewable can be served as is to help ease discomfort or utilized as a moldable pocket for pill delivery.

Happy National Dog Week!


Happy pets make happy humans.
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