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Elu’s cheek before, and after two weeks using Treatibles

My name is Michael M. & I live in the Nashville, TN area. My 3 & 1/2 year old Siberian Husky “Elu” was diagnosed at the age of 2 with autoimmune skin disease & the only solution the veterinarian had was Prednisone, which is a steroid. It was also explained how hard steroids are on the liver, kidneys, and other organs in my dog, which would shorten her life by several years!!!

Since the only alternative (or so I thought) was horrible breakouts that looked like mange or something I followed the advice of the veterinarian for a year or better. Then I read an article on hemp derived CBD use on pets and how people were having great results getting their dogs well with it. So I did my research to find out what the best hemp derived CBD companies for pets were.

Elu’s elbow before, and after two weeks using Treatibles

I decided after much research that Treatibles was the company I would try. The products are easier to use than I had thought! They are packaged & labeled nicely so you know what dosage you are giving & she loves the taste! I had to give her 75 – 100 mg per day of the oil at first to get results though. Maybe because she’s kinda big, maybe due to her health history, but I’m not an EXPERT! LOL

I also applied the Topical Cream to her skin lesions daily. After two weeks, the results were amazing. I am very excited to say after about 2 months on Treatibles she is healed up & the sores are almost completely gone & covered with new hair growth!!! The results we got with the sores clearing up is awesome but having my girl for a few more years is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

Thank you so much TREATIBLES for a great product.  We are fans for life!!

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