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Treatibles Helps “Lady” with her Discomfort

Here’s a little about Lady, she’s about 11 years old, she was diagnosed with irregular cells in November. It has spread too much to remove without risking her life. So, we just make her comfortable. We decided to stay away from medication because of the side effects so we use the full spectrum hemp oil (90mg) to help with the discomfort.  It has done more than just help with the discomfort, when she’s on it it’s as if she’s a puppy all over again, she’s playful and has an appetite full of life. We tried a different cheaper brand – it was nothing compared to the Treatibles product. Treatibles might be a couple bucks more but so worth the money. We use the chews for our other pets who aren’t so picky as they also have health issues, that your products help with. We can’t thank you enough for all you do for animals.

–Maria V.

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