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Treatibles Helps Calm Transitioning Shelter Dogs

After seeing how much Treatibles helped my own fearful girl on July 4th, during storms and on a long car ride, I knew Treatibles could help calm dogs living in shelters, as well as those transitioning to their forever homes.

I help transport dogs from overcrowded or high kill shelters to rescue groups or foster homes. Often times, there are several volunteers, each taking on a leg of the journey. That means these dogs go from car to car, traveling long distances to safety. As you can imagine, this can be scary and quite stressful for them.

By offering Treatibles chews to these dogs, it calms them and helps them decompress and get ready for their new happy lives.

Terri Transporting Hercules

Treatibles has also been beneficial to foster families as they begin the process of teaching a traumatized dog how to become part of a family, often for the first time in their lives.

For my senior dog, Mochi Treatibles helps to relieve discomfort in his joints. We also give our dog Noodle Tratibles because she is terrified of storms, the fireworks on 4th of July, and when she can’t relax on long drives in the car. We are never without these chews in my house. Now my son, who has recently adopted a fearful rescued dog – uses them, too.

Mochi and Noodle

I recommend Treatibles products to friends and rescuers/transporters/shelters every chance I get. I love dogs and am thankful there is help for them when their lives are not as beautiful as they should be!

– Terri A., Sonoma, CA

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