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Treatibles Changed Remi’s Life

Dear Treatibles,

This is simply a note to say how grateful I am that your products exist. In August of last year, my dog Remi was re-diagnosed with a big bad blood disorder that was presenting on his skin. He had already been through a round of therapy and a surgery to remove a mass the year before. We decided to forego any treatment this time and let him just live his life, with visits to parks and ice cream and hamburgers. He was given around 3 weeks to live.

A friend of mine recommended naturally occurring CBD oil and Treatibles to me to see if we could keep his appetite up and help make him more comfortable. What happened next has been remarkable… His mass began shrinking and went completely away for 6 months!!!! While it reappeared in March, it is staying small and he is as happy and energetic as he has ever been. Our vet is amazed and I am eternally grateful to you. I know this is not necessarily what you market your products for, but they have already given my dog 10 months of happiness after being given 3 weeks to live. I live in Alabama, so naturally occurring CBD products were illegal for quite some time and I never would have been able to access this for him if it weren’t for your company. Keep on doing the good work that you are doing, you have no idea how much you are changing lives – both canine and human.

– Jen M., Huntsville, AL

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