“My name’s Peter and my dogs and I live in Venice, CA. My big rescue Scooby is 11 and about 105 lbs. He has severe joint discomfort in both his back hips and a heavy limp in his front right and can really struggle to get out of bed. My vet says his range of motion will continue to diminish as he gets older.

I give him meds but it’s expensive and disconcerting because any regular use of something like that can create organ issues.

I have tried different cannabinoid products in the past but have had to conceal them in ground beef etc because Scooby is a picky eater. I overheard a guy in a pet food store singing the praises of Treatibles and did some research online.

Scooby greedily eats Treatibles and I really notice a change in him after he does. I can see how he staggers with much less hesitation as I believe any discomfort he has is severely dissipated by the Treatibles. For extended periods of time after walks, he stretches out on the cool floor, wagging with his tongue out. Happy boy.

I’m super grateful to have found something that seems to give him so much relief while also being something he truly adores!

Thanks so much!”


– Peter Giles

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