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“Hi there! A couple weeks ago I purchased a bag of Treatibles for my dog’s intermittent hip discomfort. The first day, I gave her two (she weighs 44 lbs) to see if she’d like them. She’s very fussy. She enjoyed them and wanted more. Her demeanor was much better. Tail wagging and visiting with customers more. I own a pet shop in Fortuna.

A few days later, her hip was hurting and she couldn’t jump on the bed. I gave her four. After a half hour or so, she was much better. The effects lasted the whole day.

Last night was the fourth of July, and she always stresses out all night long. She paces and pants even after the noise stops. I have given her meds before, but they made her dopey while still being stressed and pacing all night. I thought about the chews and gave her four. Within the hour, I checked on her. And she was sound asleep on mom’s bed. What a relief for all of us!

Thank you so much for a wonderful product that has provided my pooch with a solution to years of discomfort and stress. I am recommending your treats to my customers, with the hopes that they will enjoy the benefits of your Treatibles as we have.

Thank you again for increasing our quality of life, especially my dog’s.”



– Nancy Gilmore


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