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Papillion with Anxiety Can Get Her Teeth Cleaned

I brought Sophie my 14 year old Papillion to have her teeth cleaned at Health Mutt today only to be disappointed by the technician who said he could not clean her teeth because of her anxiety, as she tried to bite him. I went to my car and thought now I will have to spend major bucks going to the veterinarian to have her put under and have her teeth cleaned.

Rebekah with Treatibles came out to my car and said, ”Can you please come back inside? I think I can calm Sophie down with our full spectrum hemp oil products!” I went back inside and she gave Sophie Treatibles’ full spectrum oil and we waited about 30 minutes.  Sophie calmed down and the vet technician said he would take her out and give it the college try and if he was back in 10 minutes, it didn’t work. After 10 minutes he was not back so we were all cheering in the store. It worked and was a miracle to me that Sophie was able to have her teeth cleaned and for an old dog this is a major health risk.

I am now able to go back every 6 months to have Sophie’s teeth cleaned and afford to do this because of the oil I have from Treatibles.

-Lisa G., Tampa, FL

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