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Mommy & Oreo – two nearly feral cats are now social

Our family recently inherited 8 cats from my mother-in-law when she passed away. Two of the cats are indoor feral cats, 3-4 year old females who were taken in as kitten strays and were never properly socialized. They spent most of their young lives hiding out at my mother-in-law’s house with her other 6 cats. No one could touch them and they rarely came out of hiding. When they needed vet care, a veterinarian would come to the house and chase the cats around a room with a net until he caught them. He would then sedate and examine them. Hundreds of dollars later, they would wake up and hide again. When my mother-in-law died, we moved the cats to our living room. Luckily, we found homes for 5 of the cats, but Mommy, Oreo and one other remain with us. These two cats were considered ‘unadoptable’ because no one could see or touch them. Your Treatibles oil was suggested to us for them. We started adding 10-20 drops to their food and within TWO days they started to relax and come out. In one month, we could touch them!  Now 8 weeks later, they run up to us when we enter the room. They play actively and fearlessly with string toys and with us and come to be pet. This is truly amazing. We are still looking for homes for them and they are still wary of others, but with the Treatibles  oil, which we still give every day, they are now adoptable. Thank you!

–Nancy, Huntington Beach, CA

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