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Miko & Elliot

“I have a pair of rabbits that have been a challenge to bond (meaning, getting them to live together without fussing with each other). It is useful to offer the pair a tasty chew while trying to bond them, but so far no chew has proven tasty enough to preclude them from trying to pick a fight with each other!

I have been rationing out the Treatibles to them, and today’s supervised bonding session is the very first one (since the bonding process began 7 weeks ago) wherein they happily ate their chews and did NOT start poking each other in the ribs and trying to start a fight!

The kitchen rabbits are doing SO WELL since I began the Treatibles. I realize it is anecdotal evidence, but I really do believe it is the Treatibles.”


– Phyllis O’Beollain

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