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“Fred has had a large Treatibles chew every morning for the last couple months. He’s been going to work with my boyfriend Andrew most work-days where he spends most of his time in the back room playing with toys and interacting with employees, but not spending much time on the sales floor. I stopped bringing any of my dogs to work years ago because I found them to be such a distraction for me.

Our bag of Treatibles ran out 2 days ago and today I started getting text messages around 2:30 pm, while I was at work, that Fred wouldn’t stop whining, and barking and that a neighbor had even complained about the noise and asked if I could come pick him up. When I got there Fred was panting, his eyes were red and I could tell he was stressed. I drove back to the work and pretty much just crossed my fingers that Fred would relax and not slow me down too much. First thing through the door I gave him 2 Treatibles and kept him with me on the sales floor.

Sure enough, within 20 minutes he was calm as could be, friendly with dogs and humans alike and offering big googly eyes to anyone he thought might have a snack for him. I’ve heard many customers say ‘game-changer’ and I just want to say, for the first time, I might be able to bring my dog, one of the biggest joys of my life, to work with me and I give a lot of the credit to Treatibles. I’m so happy to be just a very small part of this and to be able to share such a great product with others.

Cheers and thanks!”



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