Treatibles changed our dog’s life

I just wanted to send a message of thanks. My dog tore her CCL. While awaiting her surgery date, she was put on medications to manage her discomfort. Her body rejected those meds and in less than two weeks, she went into liver failure.  After five days in the emergency vet hospital and almost $5,000 in medical bills + a month recovery, we had her back. But the ligament still hadn’t been fixed and we weren’t able to give her the standard meds. I happened to be in a local indie pet store and saw the Treatibles dropper bottle oil and chews. I bought them both. When I tell you that your products changed her life, I’m not exaggerating. She went from moping around and walking as a tri-pod to bringing us toys to play with and wanting to go out and play…constantly! In other words, she was back! For over two months she was depressed, had a lack of appetite, was in obvious severe discomfort, couldn’t climb stairs without assistance and constantly thudded to the ground when she laid down. Now she races to the door to greet visitors (in typical lab fashion), eats normally, is playful and navigates the home successfully. She still needs surgery, but this has changed the game, with regard to her daily function. All of this leads to one thing – a huge thank you. Thank you for helping us get our pup back <3. – Ali M., Bel Air, Maryland

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