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“Great news!!!! Falkor LOVES Treatibles, and they are actually helping with his separation anxiety and just general anxiety all around!!

He has also benefited by the blueberry & pumpkin natural inflammatory response features; he lives with digestive distress, normally goes “potty” twice a day with occasional accidents are in the house. Well, let’s just say I now have to carry at least 2 bags on all walks!! His bowels seem to be less aggravated and he can go easier with less cramping!!

And the anxiety! He has lessened the amount he chews the fur on his arms and chest!!! I am so sincerely GRATEFUL for you, your customer service, willingness to ship samples, the phone call that allowed me to “vent”, and finally; TREATIBLES!!! I will forever be thankful for stumbling across your product, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Hugs and doggy kisses.”


– Chelsea

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