“Ellie and I would like to tell you about “biscuit and chill”. This is a long post, but if you have a pup with anxiety or behavioral issues, it’s worth your time. Quick background, Ellie is almost 4 and was diagnosed by a veterinary behaviorist at around 9 months old with mild reactivity and lack of impulse control. She was always a very busy girl and overly aware and alert of everything going on around her to the point of often being anxious. The behaviorist said, “to Ellie, the whole world is caffeinated”. At stressful, over anxious or over excited times, this can result in a quick snap/bite from her. She has no clue she has done anything and her tail is wagging seconds later. She basically has a misfiring in her little red head. Her ongoing treatment plan consists of behavior modification, management of triggers and a number of over the counter calming supplements as well as a small dosage of an antidepressant.

I hated the idea of medicating my dog, but sometimes you have no other options. Last year, I asked the behaviorist about trying PCR (phytocannabinoids from hemp) treats for dogs, but she felt like it was mostly marketing hype without enough scientific proof. A vet tech friend in California recently brought the subject to my attention again as she has personally seen success with PCR in dogs at the vet practice where she works. After a bit of research on which company seemed the most reputable and open about their process, lab testing etc, I placed an order with Treatibles. Ellie gets two treats in the morning and two treats at night. The change was nothing short of miraculous. Of everything we have tried, these chews have the most pronounced and immediate effect. She is much more relaxed, so much happier in general, substantially less reactive and more biddable. When she is just hanging out, she is definitely much more relaxed–but not lethargic. She is still ready to go at a moments notice and still has plenty of drive. Time will tell as she gets put into additional situations if the PCR will stop her entirely from biting, but from what I can see of her reactions so far, I have very high hopes. The use of Treatibles did allow us to stop usage of two other over the counter calming supplements.

A bit about PCR. All ingredients are human grade and lab tested. PCR from hemp does not contain THC, so it is not psychotropic, your dog will not get high. The FAQs on the site are very helpful. They are legal to ship to all states. PCR is also purported to help with seizures, discomfort, joint and digestive issues and more. You will no longer find these claims on most PCR websites because it is against FDA regulations to make these references. However, if you dig, you can find some small studies and a lot of first-hand accounts. Their Facebook page has a number of testimonials regarding usage for different issues. I can only comment on the behavioral benefits.

This may not work for every dog and they are not inexpensive, but if you have a problem pup that you love and want to help, give these chews a try. It was the best purchase I have made in a long time. I hope this info can help someone else!


– Becky Hill

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