“My 10-year old husky/shepherd/lab mix Chuck is my faithful companion wherever I go. If dogs are allowed, she comes with me!

As she aged and severe discomfort took hold in her back, the walk became harder for her, and her limp became more pronounced. Soon I could only take her on one or two long walks a week, as the activity took its toll on her back and she needed longer to recover.

I put her on meds per my vet, who told me the medicine would make her like a new dog! While she seemed to enjoy her medicated biscuit every night, it didn’t add much of a spring to her step, and we discontinued after two weeks of use.

Chuck got significantly, quantifiably better from using Treatibles. It took about three days of feeding her 2-3 doses/day to see the full effect, but she did get noticeably more comfortable on the first day of feeding them to her.

Before Treatibles, she limped and couldn’t enjoy long walks, though she clearly had the desire for them. Once she started taking them, she could leap around again! She started doing her play bows again, and wanting to play! She chased squirrels and pranced around the park! THIS was the new dog I’d been told I’d see!

We ran out of the treats a few times, and sure enough, she reverted right back to an uncomfortable limp and had trouble getting up and down stairs unassisted.

When Chuck was later diagnosed with irregular cells in her bones, I was doubly thankful for Treatibles. She has been on 4 to 6 doses a day since she had her leg amputated. She is tolerating chemo well and still has all of the energy of a much younger dog.

These are NECESSARY for her! She’s not high or out of it, she’s not panting or in discomfort, she is energized and well enough to gallop to the park on three legs! Her chemo treatments are much easier for her. If you have an elderly dog going through severe discomfort, I cannot recommend these chews enough. You will see a BIG difference. Like night and day.

They’ve given Chuck a new lease on life for the time she has left, and I am so thankful and grateful that they are even around. Thank you Treatibles!!!!”


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